A Smart City is a community or municipality where traditional infrastructure, networks, and services are made more efficient through the pragmatic use of applied digital and telecommunication technologies, for the benefit of its inhabitants and businesses.

In Smart Cities, effective application of a portfolio of digital technologies can translate into:

  • Improved public services for citizens;
  • Better use of resources; and
  • Reduced environmental impact.

The Smart City concept goes well beyond the deployment of applied technology for more efficient resource use and reduced emissions. It means:

  • Smarter urban transport;
  • Improved utilities and waste disposal;
  • More efficient lighting, heating, and air conditioning;
  • A more interactive and responsive city administration;
  • Improved public engagement;
  • Enhanced travel and tourism facilities;
  • Safer public spaces; and
  • Improved services for the aged and in-need population.

Galbraith & Co. is partnered with leading global providers of Smart City infrastructure, products, and services to deliver these benefits to our cities and communities. We are committed to improving both urban and rural communities through the application of appropriate innovative technologies and business models,


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