Galbraith & Co. is an established international business operating with exemplary culture and credentials that adopts strict governance protocols and practices for making and implementing decisions.


Accountability is a fundamental requirement of good governance. We have an obligation to report, explain and be answerable for the consequences of decisions it has made on behalf of all stakeholders it represents.

Effective & Efficient

All decision follow processes that make the best use of the available people, resources and time to ensure the best possible results for all stakeholders.

Equitable & Inclusive

Stakeholder well-being results from all parties knowing that their interests have been considered in any decision-making process. This means that all groups, particularly the most vulnerable, should have opportunities to participate in the process.

Legitimate & Compliant

All decisions are consistent with relevant legislation, common law, industry best practice, and corporate responsibility covering the jurisdictions in which we operate.


Stakeholders affected by or interested in a decision have the opportunity to participate in the process. Stakeholders may be provided with information, asked for their opinion, given the opportunity to make recommendations or, in some cases, be part of the actual decision-making process.


All decisions will strive to find the right balance to serve the needs of the entire stakeholder community while balancing competing interests in a timely, appropriate and responsive manner.


All stakeholders should be able to follow and understand any decision-making process meaning that they will be able to clearly see how and why a decision was made and what information, advice and consultation were considered.